4 Dining Tips With Chef Wesley Pumphrey

| June 4, 2020 | Food & Drink Eat Features

The executive chef of stripsteak waikiki dishes on summer cuisine.


1. What types of dishes will be available at Stripsteak? One dish we’re excited to bring to Stripsteak (and Waikiki) is roasted suckling pig with local greens and housemade pickles. It’s the perfect summer dish since we are using fresh seasonal ingredients. This dish can be ordered in quarters or whole for large groups and parties.

2. How can one enjoy during the pandemic? Delivery & pickup are available Tuesday to Sunday 12-8PM, and phone orders for pickup will receive 10% off. Also on phone orders for pickup, first responders and industry members will receive 20% off.

3. What’s your favorite cocktail for summer? Whiskey Smash. I love the tangy, refreshing mix of lemons and mints with a good pour of bourbon. I personally love to muddle my lemons in the glass, mix in a dab of homemade simple syrup, a few sprigs of spearmint and top it off with Maker’s Mark.

4. What are your thoughts on grilling? Any tips or tricks? Rest the meat. Before and after. That’s key! Find the best cut. Source the best ingredients, not wasting time on heavy spice rubs but salt is a must for any steaks on the grill. Order a ready-to-grill grill kit now! michaelmina.net


Photography by: Photo courtesy of stripsteak waikiki