Get Fit With The Hottest Workout In Hawaii

IJfke Ridgley | January 25, 2021 | People Lifestyle

“Not all workouts are created equal,” says Maria Chase, founder of our new favorite fitness spot, Burn Collective, and inventor of the Burn Method. And she would know—Chase spent years learning about fitness and nutrition while competing professionally in bikini competitions, and she’s put that knowledge toward creating two classes—Burn45, a HIIT-style workout with heavier weights; and ISOBurn, a low-impact, deep-isometric class—that, when combined, have proven to create that coveted, toned hourglass physique.


Burn Collective owner Maria Chase and team

It’s the hottest workout in town, and not just because her HotBox classes are heated (she uses far radiant infrared panels that heat your body rather than the room, making for a lower temperature that is a safer, more effective way to burn calories). Rather, the in-demand studio is the first in the state to offer classes using the strongest LED red light therapy panels on the market. This cutting-edge technology penetrates down to the bone, helping with cellular regeneration, collagen production and muscle recovery, among other benefits. As Chase says, “I’m really focused on creating youth and longevity from the inside out.”

5257 Kalanianaole Highway, Aina Haina,

Photography by: Jenn Ellenberg