Allergan Shines a Light on The World of Medical Aesthetics

Phebe Wahl | July 31, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Beauty’s bright new star, Spotlyte, emerges from the shadows to enlighten us all and bring the beauty conversation into the light.


For too long, certain aspects of the beauty conversation have been shrouded in shadows. Allergan—the pharmaceutical champion that banished wrinkles with Botox and lifted fallen faces with Juvéderm and Sculptra—shines its light on the greater discourse with Spotlyte.

“Spotlyte provides a holistic lens into the world of medical aesthetics and creates an opportunity to normalize the conversation around the category,” says Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, senior vice president of consumer strategy and innovation at Allergan. The recently unveiled platform touches on everything from beauty and wellness to medical aesthetics, in addition to live chat and provider-finding capabilities. “We know that, for first-time considerers, beginning the journey into medical aesthetics can be daunting,” she says, “and we wanted to build a platform that would be accessible and engaging.”

The Spotlyte feed includes, among other features, profiles on female founders, skincare stories and clever how-tos—think how to perfect your cat-eye liner or how to avoid botched injections. “Global perspectives and beauty trends are evolving at a rapid pace,” Wilson says. “Consumer behavior is also changing. We are living in an on-demand economy where instant information is the expectation. As part of Allergan, the industry leader in medical aesthetics, we have a unique opportunity to identify and take advantage of emerging beauty trends in real time and change the way consumers engage with the medical aesthetics category.”

With over 65 million Americans considering medical aesthetic treatments, Wilson explains that, “culturally, attitudes toward aesthetics have shifted in a way that is extremely positive for the category. We wanted Spotlyte to be a platform that would be inviting and engaging—removing the stigma. Providing a juxtaposition of beauty and medical aesthetics gives readers an opportunity to learn about a wide range of options and treatments.”

Spotlyte is the first effort to emerge from Allergan’s larger innovation initiative, Project Moonwalker. The second is Regi, a booking platform that provides access to medical aesthetic and beauty treatments (imagine booking both a massage and Botox all in one easy spot). “At Project Moonwalker, we have been charged with driving digital innovation and thought leadership in order to change consumer perception and engagement with medical aesthetics,” she says. “All of our ventures address two fundamental consumer barriers: lack of information and expert insight, and access to medical aesthetic treatments and providers. If we can remove these barriers, the medical aesthetics market will undergo staggering growth.” Spotlyte, which hit over 1 million unique visitors within the first four months, is already off to a bright start.


Photography by: Vizerskaya/istock photo