Dezigns By Kamohoaliʻi Bring Down The House At New York Fashion Week

by Kawika Smith & Kauahoanuiliowaimea by Kawika Smith & Kauahoanuiliowaimea | October 25, 2021 | Style & Beauty Sponsored Post


House lights down. A dark Hawaiʻi back drop. A promising hum sings beneath a powerful chant. This is what creation looks like as we know it. In order to tell our histories, we chant them. In order to illustrate our stories, we dance. The story of Kamohoaliʻi the shark god, is one of power and beauty, and now fashion!

Kapa is prepared by pounding the tree bark that ancient Hawaiians used to create their garments. Leaves of the pandanus are plaited into stylish lauhala hats and fine mats. Feathers are fashioned into adornments that were reserved for only Hawaiian aristocracy. These are the art forms that Micah Kamohoaliʻi’s family has perpetuated and preserved for generations laying the foundation and creating the inspiration for Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi.


The grand opening commanded all into attention exciting the hair to rise and the skin to create bumps. The exhilarating beats and powerhouse chanting shook the walls of the sold-out Sony Hall. The vibrant sun rises over Mauna Kea as the youthful models take the stage wearing garment styles that are airy and relaxing borrowing from the colorful pallet of Hawaiʻi’s landscape. Magnificient valleys and breathtaking waterfalls boast on screen exciting the enthralled crowd. Strings and a strong stoic voice sing the call of Hawaiʻi, resonating with the soul.


Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi’s exclusive collection brings to the stage poise, beauty and grace. The array of fabrics presented include linen, rayon, crepe, cotton, silk, satin and velvet. The patterns recount the histories and tell the stories of a thriving indigenous people. The deep spiritual connection between the Hawaiian culture and fashion is evident on these garments and unparalleled.


In the finale, the white shimmer of the moon permeates the stage as the gracious ladies honor the mother of creation, Haumea. One of a kind couture pieces are featured here. A stunning cape gown glides onto the stage. Completely subdued darker hues paint the body and is highlighted by an exaggerated mozetta that flows into a holokū train. The gentlemen are dressed in formal evening wear complimented with matching vests and bow ties, for a classic feel. A golden off the shoulder A-line gown with an open front made of satin hits the stage and sets the crowd on fire. The vibrant yellow feather dress pays tribute to the supreme skill of the renowned feather artists of Hawaiʻi awing the audience with itʻs craftmanship.


Closing out the showcase, three incredible velvet gowns with distinguished Kamohoaliʻi prints creating a show stopping look of royalty. The grand finale suspends the crowd for a second only to immediately be shadowed by the roaring applause as three beautiful velvet models break into what looks like a spur-of-the-moment hula ‘auana led by the commanding voice of Hawai’i superstar Amy Hānaiali’i. A presentation like this garnered a standing ovation indeed!

Needless to say, Sony Hall was left amazed and breathless. Powerful and inspiring, the presentation put the fashion world on notice that Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi and Hawai’i fashion has arrived!

Photography by: Dezigns by Kamohoali'i