5 Island Chefs Pick Their Local Favorites

The Editors | August 7, 2019 | Food & Drink


Chef Peter Merriman

Peter Merriman
"Sushi Sasabune—whatever the chef serves me! The omaskase tasting menu is always fantastic."

Roy Yamaguchi
"I like Da Bag at Alan Wong's [soup de poisson of menpachi and local squirrel fish that is steamed in a bag made of animal bladder]."

Alan Wong
"I like going to PARIS.HAWAII—chef Yuya Yamanaka spent a year studying local ingredients to incorporate into his menu."

George Mavrothalassitis (Chef Mavro)
"I love Izakaya Nonbei. We've been going since long ago when my then-client Don Ho used to take us there. My favorite dish is Maguro Natto, an ahi/natto mixture that you spoon into rolled nori cones."

Chris Kajioka
"I enjoy the Salsiccia & Kale salad at Appetito in Waikiki. I think chef Naomi is very talented. The food is very classic, but the cooking and seasoning of all the food is always done well. I am definitely a fan of hers."


Photography by: merriman's restaurants