Grand Finale

| March 7, 2013 | Parties National

THE PARTY As fate would have it, the end of the Mayan calendar just happened to coincide with the birthday of the city’s premier woman about town, Christa Wittmier. Ready to move on to the next big thing, she decided to do the last of her usual large-scale birthday celebrations. So, to mark the end of the era—and perhaps, the end of the world!— she invited droves of friends and fans to The Republik. THE PLAYERS Actress Jennifer Lawrence and director Francis Lawrence, crew members of The Hunger Games and Hawaii Five-0, pro surfers Keala Kennelly and Jamie O’Brien, Paula Rath, Kuhao Zane THE SCENE A longtime headline supporter of Pow Wow Hawaii—one of Honolulu’s biggest urban art gatherings—Wittmier, aka Super CW, turned her party into a fundraiser for the group’s next outing. BEST IN SHOW Designer Matt Bruening’s show drew raves from the crowd, both for his smart use of fabrics and dramatic staging. Photography by Travis Okimoto


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