Indulge on Lobster Mac and Cheese and Tuna Tartare at The Hideaway

Eliza Escano | June 17, 2019 | Food & Drink

The Montage Kapalua Bay unveils The Hideaway, and the results are chic, breezy and full of culinary charm.

The savory lobster mac and cheese is offered as a side.

When The Montage Kapalua Bay reimagined Cane & Canoe’s bar and lounge, the team wanted to offer guests a casual alternative to the restaurant. With an exciting launch earlier this year, The Hideaway delivers a vibe that says keep it low-key, but make it classy.

Mahogany wood interiors and an indoor-outdoor design gives the eatery an upscale island vibe.

To reach the lounge, one could take a stroll through the lobby adorned with pastel paintings of Hawaiian muses by artist Pegge Hopper and past the Cane & Canoe’s sugarcane-inspired wooden scrollwork. Or simply follow the soft rhythms of local musicians who provide the soundtrack to the sweeping sunsets that grace the lovely garden view.

An overview of the menu items at The Hideaway

Chef de cuisine Robert Barrera and executive chef Chris Damskey serve a beautiful and pared-down menu that employs thoughtful technique and bright flavors. A simple coconut shrimp satay is elevated into perfectly round succulent bites with a delicate layer of curried shrimp mouse underneath oven-crisped panko. And tuna tartare on a bed of avocado is served with grilled crostini and gets a tableside pour of vibrant ginger sesame vinaigrette. Add a lobster mac and cheese and sliced wagyu ribeye to share, and you’ve got a lavish surf and turf that’s a definite crowd-pleaser.

The ALOE-ha OE made with banhez mezcal joven, chareau aloe vera and lime

To match the impeccable menu, resort sommelier and beverage manager Zoe Benrexi has designed adventurous and memorable cocktails like The Chameleon, which mixes Ocean organic vodka, Nani Moon pineapple lime mead and tropical fruit-lychee nectar. Dr. Z is a play on the classic Old-Fashioned with rye whiskey, yellow Chartreuse and a spritz or wash of absinthe. The showstopping Time Capsule is prepared by igniting lavender buds and trapping the smoke in a sifter before immediately pouring a swirl of E.H. Taylor small-batch bourbon, Fee Brothers Old-Fashioned bitters and orange syrup made with mamaki leaves from the Big Island.

Coconut shrimp satay topped with a sweet chile garlic sauce

Montage Kapalua Bay

1 Bay Drive, Lahaina
Daily 4:30-10pm


Photography by: all food and drink photos by ryan siphers | interior photo courtesy of montage kapalua bay