Little House On Maui's Custom Creations Double As Art

Kelsie Barton | April 26, 2021 | Home & Real Estate Feature

Meet Little House on Maui, whose custom interior creations are handmade with stunning attention to detail and a whole lot of aloha.

Lauren LaDoux from Little House on Maui, which she founded with her husband, Matt.

For Lauren and Matt LaDoux, happiness is built with their own two hands. “We’ve been creating for our own home for as long as I can remember, and it’s truly a passion,” Lauren says of the beautiful furniture they’ve crafted. “For years we’ve had people come to our home and tell us, ‘You should be offering this to the world.’” Fast-forward to 2020, when COVID-19 caused Lauren to be furloughed from her job, and the pipe dream of starting their own business suddenly became a reality for the young couple. “It seemed like the perfect time to just put our work out into the universe and see what happens,” says Lauren, “and we’ve been more than blessed with the response.”

Little House on Maui ( —named for the LaDouxs’ home that they bought in 2017 and remodeled themselves—has quickly gained popularity across the islands and beyond for its intricately handmade tables that double as art. “I build my tables out of birch plywood using milled-down slats of wood—like a puzzle,” Lauren explains. But it is her thoughtful touch that truly sets the small business apart. “On every table I build, I handwrite a note to my client on top of the plywood before building out of it,” she continues. “It is important for me to connect to what I’m doing and be intentional with the build; every piece I make is filled with a little piece of my soul and gratitude.”

jess table
The Jess table, shown with plants they also sell

Lauren says that Matt brings the skills (“though I am catching up!”) while she provides the creative energy for the brand. After Lauren is finished with the design portion, Matt usually cuts a table down to size and borders it. Then it’s back to Lauren to do what she calls “cleanup”—fixing any imperfections and cleaning the table thoroughly before it heads into epoxy, creating a smooth, beautiful finish.

The pair juggle the shop (Matt also works a full-time job) with raising their toddler girl and have even started a side project, which they’re calling Little Condo on Maui. “We’re curating a space here in Kihei full of our designs and work that visitors can rent to stay in while here,” reveals Lauren. “I want it to be an extension of our brand, and I’m excited to share more details once we’re there. We’re hoping to launch by summer.” When they aren’t busy creating, you can find the family spending time with friends and their children, and soaking up the beauty of their Maui surroundings as much as possible. Says Lauren, “I’ve never lived anywhere that’s felt more like home.”

Photography by: Photos By Manelle Rose Photography