7 Luxury Auto Podcasts to Listen to on Your Next Drive

Maria Gracia Santillana | April 21, 2021 | Lifestyle

Best Luxury Auto Podcasts

What's better than listening to a podcast while driving? Listening to a podcast about cars while driving!

For us auto-obsessed gear heads, learning the latest developments in the luxury car world is a constant need. Whether you're tuning in to the newest technology at Tesla or drooling over designs of the latest Mercedes, we have to be in the know.

These podcasts cover everything from the past, present and future, updating us on new developments within the automotive industry while remembering some of the best moments in carmaker history. Next time you jump in your car or take your daily walk, rev your engines with these luxury auto podcasts.

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This seven-episode podcast takes us through Ferrari’s history, immortalizing key moments in the car maker’s 70 years. It starts in 1947 with Ferrari’s first victory and runs through 2017 at Ferrari’s 70th anniversary. The podcast delves into both iconic moments and lesser known anecdotes. Short as it may be, The Origins of a Legend gives you an insider look into the Prancing Horse’s extraordinary history.


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Offering background stories from the world of Mercedes Benz, Let’s Talk Mercedes is the official Mercedes podcast. Featuring experts from both inside and outside the company, each monthly episode takes you through a micro and macro perspective of the automotive industry, covering both Mercedes individual developments and industry-wide trends. From artificial intelligence driving technology, to sustainability, sound and design, Let’s Talk Mercedes hits everything you can think of.


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Ever wonder if it’s legal to polish your BMW in your underwear, and not just in San Francisco? Changing Lines has got you covered. Hosted by Nicki Shields and Jonathan Tilley, the official BMW podcast brings you weekly episodes covering innovative technologies, lifestyle, design, cars and more. There's an episode about bathtubs in self-driving cars, one that breaks down what a "Beamer" actually is, and one that explains why BMW designers are playing with clay. In other words: they make it fun.


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Hosted by Sebastian Rudolph, vice president of communications, sustainability and politics at Porsche, the Porsche Podcast takes us through the myth of the brand, innovations, products and the people behind them. New to the scene, the second episode dives into the “GT” models of the car, explaining how it was built to race with road approval alongside designer Frank-Steffen Walliser and racing driver Mark Webber

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For the beloved fans of Jaguar’s signature cat, the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club podcast brings the latest news in the Jaguar world. From collectors of Classic Cars, Motosport, and of course Jaguars, to experts in motoring history, the podcast is an insight into the perks of being part of this fan club. Alongside a monthly magazine and special events, the podcast and the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club covers Jaguar car care, customization and chats with Jaguar experts from around the world.


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Whether you’re among the thousands who watched Netflix’s F1: Drive to Survive, or you’ve been an OG Formula 1 fan all your life, this podcast is for you. Bringing you great stories, insights and anecdotes from some of the biggest names in F1, Beyond the Grid is your insider look into the world of speed and class. Hosted by Tom Clarkson, you’ll hear from current and former superstars, as well as team bosses and legendary figures.


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Hosted by Ryan McCaffrey, Ride the Lightening is the longest-running Tesla-focused weekly podcast. Talking design, technology, rumors and updates, the unofficial Tesla podcast is your one-stop hub for anything and everything Tesla. In celebration of their 200th episode, the podcast featured Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, in an hour-long conversation, covering Tesla's past, present and future.

Photography by: Håkon Sataøen / Unsplash