Our Men of the Moment 2018

BY Jasmine Lombardi, Margo Steines and Jenn Thornton | April 30, 2018 | Feature Features

These sensational gents are making waves with their influence. Whether building communities or cultivating the cultural arts, our 2018 Men of the Moment are a force to be reckoned with.

Race Randle
What’s Now

Howard Hughes Corporation’s senior vice president of development is building community with Honolulu neighborhood Ward Village.
What’s Next
Continuing to focus on innovation to bring the best of island living to Ward Village, including heading a team to develop the community’s Central Plaza, transforming a former industrial site into acres of open green space that will serve as a community gathering place

“My father has been building homes in new neighborhoods throughout the islands for decades. That influence impressed upon me how careful design can improve the way people live, bring communities together and elevate the everyday. At Ward Village, we have built an incredible team, united in the vision of building a better community and focused on ways to embrace the rich history, culture and diversity that make this one of the greatest places to live in the world. Hawai‘i has given me everything good in my life. Most weekends, you’ll find me in the water, surfing with my wife and son. Since his birth, I experience time differently. The father in me is always looking to be present and absorb every second of his childhood. The developer in me is always looking to the future to see how we can make the world he’ll grow up in a better place.”

Shot on location at Anaha Tower, Ward village; styled by Kim Smith; jacket, $3450, by Tom Ford; shirt, $435, and pants, $375, both by Ermenegildo Zegna; belt by W. Kleinberg, $145; all at Neiman Marcus, Ala Moana Center.

Kahana Kalama
What’s Now

The Hawai`i-born waterman is making waves with Aloha Beach Club, a curated, contemporary, ethical brand and retail concept with locations in San Diego and Kailua (next up, Honolulu).
What’s Next
As a jet-setting father of three, Kalama is dedicated to spreading the aloha lifestyle across the Pacific to his California home, and throughout the world.

“After six years of being in business, we are nothing but thankful for all of the generous people who have supported us throughout our journey. This year has been full of energy and a renewed commitment to balancing both personal and professional aspirations. We will continue designing and developing our collection of ethically manufactured menswear; however, we will be adding a capsule of kid’s, women’s, accessories and home goods, and a third location in Ala Moana Center.”

Eric Carlson
What’s Now

The Chief Innovation Officer of Honolulu solar company RevoluSun—which just opened a new showroom—continues to originate top-quality products and services that have helped take the renewable energy industry mainstream in Hawai`i.

What’s Next
With a passion for surfing and other action sports industries, Carlson is soon launching a second business that turns ocean marine debris (plastics) into reusable products.

“Being born and raised on O`ahu, the ocean has always been a part of my life. Protecting our ocean and beaches is what I’m focused on. As a father, I have a long-term vision for the family. Everything I’ve done professionally since my early twenties has helped me get to where I am today. I have three amazing children—16, 13 and 8. They are the reason I jumped into the renewable energy business and started RevoluSun.”

Shot on location at Anaha Tower, Ward Village

Zeke Lau
What’s Now

In his inaugural year on the World Surf League—scoring a 10/10 in his first event at Snapper Rocks, Australia—Quiksilver-sponsored Zeke Lau has joined the next wave of surfing greats.

What’s Next
Honolulu’s 24-year-old sensation is focused on doing whatever’s necessary to win a coveted world title.

“My first year on the Championship Tour was a great learning experience. Competing at the highest level for the first time brought me to new places and pushed me to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances. I found small successes in certain areas, but also revealed weaknesses that provided opportunity for growth. Quiksilver has provided me with a platform to represent Hawai‘i at the highest level, and I surround myself with like-minded people in their craft, including Keanu Asing, another fellow Hawaiian competing on the WSL. We all come from the same place, with the same goal in mind, and push each other to the highest level. Right now, I dedicate all of my time to achieving my goal. Every step I take is toward becoming a world champion. I strive to be the modern-day version of Duke Kahanamoku by sharing surfing as Hawai‘i’s gift to the world. Hawai‘i is everything to me.”

Shot on location at the IBM Building, Ward Village

Marques Hanalei Marzan
What’s Now

In addition to serving as cultural adviser to the Bishop Museum, Hawaiian fiber artist Marques Hanalei Marzan is hard at work prepping for his 11th appearance in the MAMo Wearable Art Show.

What’s Next
Marzan’s recent recognition as a 2018 National Artist Fellow by the Native Arts & Cultures Foundation has already opened international doors—this summer he will travel to Europe to present his work at Paris’ Galerie Orenda.

“My parents taught me to enjoy what I do, and the world would take care of the rest. I have tried my best to follow that philosophy and impart it to all those who wish to learn from me. The MAMo Wearable Art Show holds a special place in my heart. This year’s theme for my collection is Ka Hālāwai, the horizon, the meeting place of heaven and earth, the space where everything comes together, and the vehicle to answer the question, ‘Who am I?’ Life is a mystery of mysteries, the intersection of time and space, and a vessel of growth in every manifestation, if you choose it. Every action in my life has brought me to where I am today. When doors open and close, I give thanks to the universe for direction and insights. I am grateful for everything I have experienced and endeavor to keep myself open to all the possibilities that come my way.”

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