The $400 Bowling Wirebag is Your Fun Summer Accessory

Nuy Cho | July 1, 2019 | Style & Beauty


The Bowling Wirebag, $399, Anteprima, Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, 924.0808

For this season, Anteprima founder and Creative Director Izumi Ogino wanted to project a theme of Fun and Joy into her Wirebag collection, which debuts on the Milan runways each year and is handcrafted with 3 mm wire cord. “Wirebag is very suitable for all the spots, like poolside or beach. ... [It] is very suitable for this weather and good also for traveling. That’s why I opened a Wirebag shop in Waikiki,” explained Ogino during a recent visit to the islands. Pick up a playful bowling Wirebag to pair with a flowing summer jumpsuit for those warm summer nights.


Photography by: anteprima