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by Elizabeth L. Joslyn by Elizabeth L. Joslyn | April 9, 2021 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

Kūpa'a: 1. Loyalty and allegiance. 2. Firm and steadfast.


Kūpa'a: The word that inspired Financial Advisors Joseph Gronwald, David Nakamoto, and Ryan Katahara to create their brand, built upon the private wealth advisory practice’s strong heritage and reputation, and laid the foundation for their unwavering commitment to their clients today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Kūpa'a: To bring their story to life, Kūpa'a Financial teamed up with native renown Hawaiian artist, illustrator, and visionary - Solomon Robert Nui Enos and Chris Bednarek from Shoots Media to manifest their dedication into a visual medium, now proudly on display in their office.


Kūpa'a: The mural created by Solomon depicts the practice's core values surrounding the Ameriprise navigation compass, the instrument at our center, guiding and directing us. Each ring illustrates our core values going from inward out:

  • Kalo plant: Representing the integrity of the practice
  • Maile lei: Given to those with exemplary character, to lead with excellence
  • Community: Building strong and lifelong relationships
  • Flowing water: Representing the accountability and transparency that starts at the top and permeates throughout every level below
  • Hawaiian ˈiwa bird: Illustrating our commitment to dynamicity; and finally,
  • Interlocking hands: Representing our promise to all of you, that Kūpa'a Financial Advisory Group is not just a company focused on helping individuals but develops lasting relationships over generations.

Loyal and allegiant. Firm and steadfast. One team, one dream, one family. Kūpa'a.

Kūpa'a Financial Advisory Group, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Ameriprise Financial cannot guarantee future financial results.

The Compass is a trademark of Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, Member FINRA and SIPC.

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Photography by: Ijfke Ridgley, Editors: Harrison Goo, David Nakamoto, Mural Artist: Solomon Robert Nui Enos, Video Editor: Chris Bednarek, Shoots Media