Vintage Flair

| February 25, 2015 | Parties National

When it came time for the Children’s Alliance of Hawai‘i’s The Carter Estate Affair for its supporters, it was clear the usual reception wasn’t going to cut it. Instead, guests took a privileged trip back in time to the ’30s at the historic Lihiwai Estate, the former home of Territorial Gov. George R. Carter and his wife, Helen Strong. Currently being meticulously restored to its former glory, the historic residence set the perfect stage for the evening—down to handcrafted Manhattans and the jazz stylings of pianist Jon Anderson. In that spirit, chef Ed Kenney deftly reconstructed a menu out of the era, which tempted with dishes like ‘ulu-leek soup with caviar and prized Ni‘ihau lamb, which had never been served on O‘ahu until that night. Now, we call that dining in real style. –Photos by Courtney Mau


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