We Check in with Fashion Designer Anne Namba

By IJfke Ridgley | November 6, 2019 | Style & Beauty


Breezy designs by Anne Namba

This year marks the 30th anniversary for fashion designer Anne Namba, who opened her eponymous boutique in 1989. She made a name for herself creating original luxe fashions inspired by Asia. Many of her pieces include her extensive collection of vintage obis and kimonos, combined with sumptuous fabrics picked up on her far-flung travels. This year’s trip to Morocco will be incorporated into her holiday collection, which will feature appliques and rich jewel tones. “My process starts differently depending on what I’m inspired by. Sometimes it’s fabrics; sometimes it’s the theme; sometimes it’s the silhouette,” says Namba, who designs with the “practical yet extravagant” woman in mind. She also makes sure her clothes fit all different body types. Be sure to catch one of her fundraising fashion shows for the causes dear to her heart—she organizes events annually for Goodwill Goes Glam, The Humane Society, Hawaii Opera Theatre and Pow!Wow!. Now that’s style and substance. 324 Kamani St., Honolulu

Photography by: Photo by Rachel Kuchar/Blue Nalu Photography